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Arena Rates - Effective 25 February 2024

Arena Booking/Rentals:

                              Private Indoor Arena:                 $75/Hr for first 2 hours & $50/Hr after– Includes use of                                                                                                   meeting room/washroom

                                                                                     $500.00/Day – Includes use of meeting room/washroom

                              Private Outdoor Arena:              $35/Hr – Includes use of Indoor washroom

                                                                                     $350.00/Day – Includes use of Indoor washroom

                              Private Indoor/Outdoor Arena:   $700.00/Day – Includes use of meeting room/washroom

                              Indoor meeting room only:          boarders $25 per 2 hours; non-boarders $40.00 per 2 hours


                     Horse rental and tack:  $35.00/Hr (experienced riders only); with arena staff assistance $65.00/Hr.                        These fees are in addition to any other arena rental fees ie drop-in, trail rides, clinics etc.


Outdoor Horse Boarding:             $525.00/Month (Oct 2023)


Service Fees:                    

Deworming, blanketing/un-blanketing, grooming, washing, exercising, special feed requirements,  

Veterinarian/Farrier assistance, special treatments or medicating requirements, preparation for riding.

  • Labor for services provided by the Arena staff: $5.00/10 minutes

  • Materials/Supplies provided by the Arena staff:  Cost + 15%


Public Drop-In/Haul-In:  $20 per designated booking time slot (based on availability)


Horse Bed & Breakfast:    $25.00/Night (based on availability and includes outdoor stall and feed).


Lessons :               All lessons are 45 minutes in duration

  • Private one on one lesson (horse supplied by Arena; when available) $75.00

  • Private one on one lesson (own horse) $65.00

  • Group lesson (horse supplied by Arena; when available) $52.50

  • Group lesson (own horse) $42.50


Outside Trainers:   $15/lesson in addition to any arena rental or drop-in fee for lesson rider as applicable.  Must be booked.


Camping:  $30.00/night. Does not include hook-ups of any kind and must be self-contained.  Available during scheduled events and clinics only. Must be prebooked, limited quantities available. No open fires permitted. Quiet time from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am (no generators during quiet time).


Note:  All rates are subject to added goods and services tax that will be added to the total (+ GST).

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